Friday, February 19, 2010

Step 4: Spread the word

New global cancer prevention campaign to hit 100 countries

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 40 percent of cancers are preventable with simple lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking and staying active. But, not everyone knows how to do it. Enter International Union Against Cancer: an alliance of some of the world's most respected cancer-fighting organizations. At the group's global conference, "Wold Cancer Day," on February 4, 2010, the organization launched "Cancer can be prevented too" -- a campaign to spread public awareness of the everyday health-conscious habits proven to decrease your risk of cancer later in life.

The campaign's takeaway: get vaccinated, eat a healthy diet, make exercise routine, reduce alcohol consumption, reduce unprotected sun-exposure and cut tobacco out.

So, how does one organization educate everyone on earth? The UICC has compiled the most up-to-date news on cervical cancer, lymphoma, bladder cancer and many more onto a lineup of posters, pamphlets and fact sheets, which they and their member organizations will distribute. More than 300 member organizations in 100 countries delivering the same message is sure to turn a few heads. And if one of those diverted heads was on a cancer-track, that's one step closer to winning the fight.

Learn more about the "Cancer can be prevented too" campaign here. Find out more on the UICC here.

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